Gem-A Education

Welcome to the Gem-A Education section.../, an educational resource for aspiring and professional gemmologists across a range of disciplines. Here you will find articles dedicated to enhancing your gemmological knowledge as well as informative features that delve deeper into specific topics. If you would like to submit an article to Gem Hub, please email us on

Gem-A was created by gemmologists for gemmologists, and is the world’s longest-established provider of gem and jewellery education. We started teaching gemmology more than 100 years ago, prompted by the need for greater gem knowledge in the UK jewellery trade. Our up-to-date courses are primarily tailored for the jewellery industry, giving our students the background knowledge and practical experience they need in their gemmology careers.

You will learn about coloured gems and diamonds, their identification, value factors, and the many challenges of treatments and imitations — crucial knowledge for buyers, sellers and valuers of gems, as well as gem collectors who, attracted by the extraordinary beauty of gemstones, simply wish to pursue a new hobby.