Journal of Gemmology Volume 34 No. 3 2014

(1) Gemmological properties, modal proportions and petrographic names of Myanmar jade samples and (2) electron microbe data, to accompany the article:

Franz L., Tay Thye Sun, Hänni H.A., de Capitani C., Thanasuthipitak T. and Atichat W., 2014. A comparative study of jadeite, omphacite and kosmochlor jades from Myanmar, and suggestions for a practical nomenclature. Journal of Gemmology, 34(3), 210–229,

JoG2014_34_3 Depository-Franz-Gem Data
JoG2014_34_3 Depository-Franz-EMPA

Video showing the internal structures within a reconstructed three-dimensional model of the Sleeping Lion pearl, to accompany the article:

Zwaan J.C., van der Marel D.M.  and Dommisse H.A., 2014. The “Sleeping Lion” Baroque Pearl: An Update. Journal of Gemmology34(3), 248–253,

JoG2014_34_3 Depository-Zwaan.avi

Video of an Ethiopian opal showing full diffraction rainbows that project above the surface of the stone, to accompany the article:

Mazzero F. and Muth A., 2014. Gem Notes: The Mirasety Ring: An Ethiopian ‘Rainbow’ Opal Set with a Hologram. Journal of Gemmology34(3), 205–206.


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