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Gem-A Logo and Guidelines

Our Logo is an important part of our brand. It represents our identity and our heritage and is a valuable piece of intellectual property.

Letting other companies or partners use our logo may give the impression that we favour them or endorse their products – it can have legal ramifications and for that reason we are very careful with its use.

The Gem-A logo is only for use by Gem-A. 

We have created special affiliate logos for our individual members, corporate members and educational partners so that they can be easily identified as such.


Member Individual Watermarked 2019

Members can display the members logo on their business cards and on their websites.

Business cards: Maximum size 15mm

Website: Maximum size 35mm

Individual Members: Please login to view and download Member Logos

Corporate Members: Please contact if you haven't already received the link to your logo.

Please note: the individual members logo should not be used to support business activity. In those instances individual members should apply for corporate membership of Gem-A. The corporate logo should not be used on laboratory reports.


 ATC Watermarked 2019

Our Accredited Teaching Centres (ATCs) provide quality tuition and advice to students studying Gem-A courses. They make it possible for students unable to attend London courses to have face-to-face tuition in their own region.

Our ATCs are instantly recognisable by their logo.


 Midlands Branch Watermarked

Gem-A has a well-established network of regional branches within the UK where members of the Association regularly meet and discuss gemmology-related topics. It is an opportunity to meet those with similar interests in their own areas.

If you are a branch interested in obtaining a branch logo please contact

Coat of Arms

 CoatofArms Watermarked

The Gem-A Coat of Arms is our badge of honour. It is a unique heraldic design, instantly recognisable as Gem-A. It's an important part of our logo and we are proud to incorporate its use for our members and partners. 

The Coat of Arms on its own should never be used by anyone other than Gem-A.

To read a detailed interpretation of the Coat of Arms and the history behind this incredible symbolism click here.


What you cannot do

You cannot alter the affiliate logo in any way, it should not be stretched, rotated, re-coloured, re-designed.  You are only permitted to use it in exactly the format that it has been issued.

If you are a company using the affiliate logo you should place your own company logo in the primary and more prominent position. You must adhere to the sizing guidelines outlined. 

Do not use the affiliate logo on any products or product packaging. 

The following logos are not to be used as they do not represent our affiliate partners:

Report violations

If you are aware of the improper use of the Gem-A logo please report this to Gem-A by emailing an image or screen shot where possible to: